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Course Approval Form

All students that are taking classes abroad are required to complete a Study Abroad Course Approval form. This form confirms that the classes that you want to take abroad will transfer back to Eckerd and count for credit.

To fill out the Course Approval form, students must meet with their mentor and look at both major and general education classes. Students must bring course syllabi so that their mentors can confirm what students specifically will be studying abroad. If mentors are satisfied by these classes, they will sign the form to verify that the student can take the class abroad for college credit. If mentors are still unsure of classes abroad, have them consult the Office of Global Education for more information.

If a student is taking a class for their minor, they must meet with a professor in that field and follow the same signature process. Remember, your major mentor will not be able to sign for any classes that are outside of their discipline.

Students can find their Course Approval form on their Eckerd Study Abroad application, but the Course Approval Form is also available here.