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Billing and Payments

Eckerd's Bursar's Office manages all payments for studying abroad. When there are specific questions pertaining to individual bills, it is important to contact the Bursar's Office. This page will provide general information about payments. 

Payments for semester and short-term programs are determined by the components of each program. It is important to research what is included, and not included, in the cost of the program. Some programs provide all meals included in the cost; other programs require students to bring money to pay for certain meals. Some programs have a group flight to/from the destination; other programs require students to purchase their own flights. All costs will be found on the program cost tab of each program. 

Common fees associated with each program are: 
Program Deposit: Once a student is selected on a program, the first payment is a program fee. Students can stop by the Bursar's Office to make a payment (cash or check) in person. Or they can pay their deposit through ECWeb. It is important to note that this bill is not applied to the student's account, the student is required to make a payment (and specify that the payment is for a study abroad program deposit). 

Program Fee: The remainder of fees associated with studying abroad will be charged to a student's account by the Bursar's Office. These charges will be placed on the account prior to studying abroad, and they should be paid prior to traveling abroad. 

Payments due dates are scheduled by the Bursar's Office. These dates will be noted on the monthly invoice dispersed by their office. 
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