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Do I have to be a certain major to study abroad? 
Various types of study abroad programs are offered for students in all majors. Many winter term and spring-into-summer courses teach general education courses that are needed for all majors. If students study abroad for a semester, there are certain majors that have requirements that may make studying abroad for a semester more difficult. Students are encouraged to meet with their mentor early to discuss what is most feasible for their specific major. 

Does GPA affect whether or not you will be accepted to a program?
GPA is one of the factors that may impact your acceptance to a study abroad program. Affiliate programs and institutions may have their own GPA requirements, so it is important to check when applying. 

How many classes do I need to take abroad? 
All students studying abroad on a semester program are required to take the equivalent of 12 to 14 credit hours in order to be considered full-time. 

Will I still be able to graduate on time if I study abroad?
Studying abroad and graduating on time is do-able. The most efficient way to do so is to study on a winter term or spring-into-summer program. If you wish study abroad for a semester, the Office of Global Education encourages you to meet with your mentor early and often to discuss courses that can be taken abroad that meet academic requirements.  

Will I get credit for classes on an affiliate study abroad program?
Yes. You can receive credit for classes on an affiliate program. You will work with your mentor and the Office of Global Education to review classes and determine how those courses will apply towards your major or other requirements for graduation. 

Can First-Year students study abroad?
First-year students will spend Autumn Term, Fall semester and Spring semester at Eckerd College. They have the opportunity to participate in Winter Term or Spring into Summer study abroad program during their first year.