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Study Abroad Scholarships

Eckerd College Study Abroad Scholarships are available to students due to the generous donors who value study abroad experiences. These awards are intended to aid students who otherwise would not be able to engage in the study away experience. These are partial scholarships that are intended to cover a portion of the study away program fees. Scholarship amounts are based on financial need, and are not guaranteed. Scholarship awards may cover a percentage of the overall program (average award size is $1000-2000). It is important that students plan additional sources of income to pay for the entirety of their study abroad fee.

Scholarship Application Deadline
If you have submitted your scholarship application by the program's application deadline, every effort will be made to review your scholarship application and notify you of your eligibility for a scholarship prior to the deposit deadline for your program so you can factor the award amount into your decision to participate.

How the Scholarship is Applied:
  • Study abroad scholarships are awarded AFTER a student is accepted on a program.
  • Study abroad scholarships will be applied to the final bill for the program term thereby reducing the balance owed to Eckerd.
  • The scholarship will be listed on your account under the name of the donor. You will not see "Study Abroad Scholarship" you would see something similar to "Eastman Family Scholarship"
  • Please note:  study abroad scholarships cannot be used to cover the initial $500 program deposit and the deposit is non-refundable. Students should plan accordingly.

Eligible Study Abroad Programs:
Eckerd students who intend to participate in a Eckerd sponsored faculty-led program (Semester-Center, Winter Term, Spring into Summer) or in a Eckerd exchange program (semester, year-long) are eligible to apply.

Honors Travel Scholarship and Diversity Leaders Scholarship Awards
These scholarships are also managed by the Office of Global Education. Students need to still apply for the Eckerd Scholarship and note that they are an Honors or DLS student. Please remember that these two scholarships cannot be used simultaneously.